Alberta’s energy industry is a critical file for us in the UCP opposition.  We are continuing to make motions, and raise this issue in the Legislative Assembly as often as possible.  Our record, including the record of our Leader, Jason Kenney when he was a member of the federal conservative government, is one of strength and one of getting pipeline projects approved and getting oil and gas products moving to markets.

No one doubts the Premier’s commitment to the industry, particularly after she took office within government.  However, we believe strongly that she has made grave errors in how she has handled this file.  The Premier has formed a strong alliance with Justin Trudeau, who has shown time and time again that he wants to shut down our industry if given the opportunity.

  • He killed Northern Gateway
  • He made the regulatory situation so uncertain for TransCanada and Energy East that it is unlikely to proceed.
  • He spent $4.5 billion dollars on TransMountain but is doing nothing to actually get it built.
  • He wrote Bill C-69 which will effectively end any hope of another pipeline project being approved in Canada ever again.

All this time, the Premier has formed an alliance with Justin Trudeau   Her protests of these measures, while increasing, have been tepid at best.

It is said that those we form friendships with oftentimes can tell us a lot about ourselves.  For our Premier, her continued friendship with Justin Trudeau tells Albertans everything they need to know about how she intends to fight for our energy industry.