It is hard to believe but the next provincial election will be upon us very soon.  I believe strongly that this upcoming election is a critical one as we consider Alberta’s future.  The significant pressures coming from the discounted price we get for Alberta’s resources have become extremely pronounced.  All parties vying for your support will undoubtedly put forward policies and initiatives to deal with this circumstance. We believe strongly that the voter is never wrong, and trust the collective wisdom of Albertans to select both their individual MLAs but also to determine the makeup of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

I encourage you, regardless of political stripe, regardless of whether the UCP is a party you are considering supporting or not, to take the upcoming election as an opportunity to get involved.  Seek out your local constituency association and become familiar and involved in what is going on in your community. If a particular candidate or party speaks to you, I believe they would value your time and insight both prior to and during the campaign period.  I know our team and our party certainly would value your time and insight. Being politically involved offers everyone the chance to shape our province and become more familiar with the workings of our government.

If getting politically involved is something that suits you, please feel free to get in touch and I would be happy to connect you.

Mike Ellis, MLA